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profile picI’m Angela Lin and the creator of Happy Abundant Freedom. Ever since I was younger, I wanted to try lots of things – and because there’s lots of things that I want to learn and accomplish, with a limited amount of time – I really had to learn how to get things done faster and easier.

Now before you say, I don’t have time or do what it takes to succeed – these were the struggles I had to deal with, maybe you can relate to some of them:

  • Shy Personality
  • Poor Health (Emergency Rooms & Hospital Stays when I was younger from my chronic asthma)
  • Parents that Fought a Lot and Got Divorced
  • Average Grades
  • Went from comfortable living to living on second hand furniture and thrift shopping when we immigrated
  • Lost $19,000 in the stock market in just 2 years (while I was a university student) – and trust me, I barely had any money then…
  • Tried launching a business and ended up only making $25 in the ENTIRE YEAR…
  • Worked a Full-Time Job for 2.5 Years that Often Required 60+ Hours a Week (Sometimes even 80 Hours a Week – I’m pretty sure that sometimes the person in a fast food restaurant was getting paid more on an hourly basis than me)


Throughout this process though – I was constantly searching for ways on how to do things faster and easier…

In today’s information age, how do you learn faster, with greater focus, and implement your learning in your life as soon as possible?

How can you get things done faster and easier at work and in your personal life?

What do successful people do that allowed them to reach success?

The challenge is that sometimes, it’s hard for you to believe in yourself, that you have the ability to create more time and freedom in your life, that you are capable of achieving success faster and easier.

But I’m here to tell you – you are amazing and will achieve the results you want much faster and easier.

Because once I started studying what successful people do and think, learning how to be more productive, and implementing what I’ve learned … everything changed…

My partner and I competed in a national university business case competition – and under the coaching of our amazing professor, we beat all the other marketing majors in the country, despite both of us only having taken one introductory marketing course and was in accounting finance major.

Within 3 years, I was consistently in the Top 10 videos for study skills for students in YouTube out of 430,000 results and have been able to help thousands of students around the world with my strategies through iWantHighMarks (teaching students with free training on How to Cut Your Study Time in Half and Get Better Grades).

Was able to become the Top 5% Most Viewed LinkedIn Profile within a year of learning how to optimize my LinkedIn – and then helping my clients get 23% response rate from top level executives they’ve never reached out to before within a week of set up.

I created a new brand and online training course within 60 days while working a full time job – LinkedIn Leads Traffic (free training to help business owners increase their connection to prospects and automate their sales process using LinkedIn)

Took 2 months off for vacation in the last year to enjoy time relaxing and spending time with my family.

And I met some of the most amazing people in just the last year as well as being in the same expert association as Jack Canfield, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Les Brown, who was voted one of the Top 5 Outstanding Speakers by Toastmasters International, amongst others

I never imagined I could do this…I simply wanted to help others to have more time and freedom in their lives.

I believe that you have the power to produce amazing results and create the time and freedom you want to enjoy your life. Even if you’re super busy right now, there’s ways to create more time and freedom in your life as long as you’re taking consistent action.

Let’s not limit our success based on our current situation. We can rise to truly enjoy life, to spend it with people that we care about, and to help others.

My job is to teach you how to focus, unlock your strengths, how to be more productive so you can do things faster and easier, implement success habits and take action so that you are achieving success consistently.

And to show you how to truly create the time and freedom to enjoy your life…

I believe in your ability to have that level of happiness, abundance, and freedom that you want, whereby you enjoy life on your own terms.

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