Did You Wish Happy Mother’s Day to Improve Your Relationships with Clients, Mentors, Partners?

Today, I want to wish all the mothers out there, including yourself if you’re a mom, for all the amazing work that you do – it takes a lot of courage, effort, and time, and of course love to raise a child!

What if you could stand out amongst all your competitors to your prospects or clients? What if you could deepen the relationship between you and your prospects or clients? And put you instead of your business being viewed by clients as simply a business that wants to sell me something, to a business that I want to build a connection with?

Well you can…

But first, since today’s Mother’s Day – I want to thank my amazing mom who’s been with me through all these years, through the good and the bad! I love you mom – Happy Mother’s Day!

A lot of times, the way to deepen the relationship with our prospects or clients is for them to see you as a person instead of just a business – because if you’re just a business to them, there’s all your competitors that they’ll see the same as you. But if they can see you as a person, people do business with people they like, know and trust.

The reason why I chose to do this episode on Mother’s Day is because I wanted to point out something that will help you reach your goal of establishing a closer relationship with people, whether it’s for work or personal growth.

Essentially, the idea is that often times, many businesses will send their clients or prospects a happy birthday card or something on their birthday to help them stay at the top of mind for those clients and prospects. The problem is that those businesses are competing with all the other friends/family/competitor businesses wishing them the same thing.

As such, it’s much harder to stand out when you’re probably only 1 amongst lots of businesses that wish them happy birthday…and your message will likely be forgotten really quickly.

Instead…what’s something else that you can find out about your client, prospect, business partner, or boss that can help you really stand out?

Well, it’s to help you compete in a space that’s not so crowded…aka. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Think about it this way, unless you’re in an industry that is very specifically focused on mothers or fathers – likely, you’ll be the only one wishing them Happy Mother’s Day or Father’s Day besides their kids and close family.

This will allow you to decrease your competition for getting attention from them for yourself or your business AND also show that you care about them as a person, and not simply someone to do business with.

They’ll start to classify you as somebody they like or start trusting

Now, a lot of businesses will send their clients birthday greetings, and maybe even holiday greetings. But at that time, pretty much that business and the whole world is wishing them happy birthday…so it’s hard for a business to rise above the noise to compete for their attention.

Instead, if you hear them talk about their kids sometimes…try wishing your prospects, clients, or people you want to build a deeper relationship with in terms of happy mother’s day or happy father’s day

Think about it this way – on the mother’s day or father’s day – who’s going to wish them that…their kids, their spouse/partner, maybe a relative or 2…and that’s it.

I actually stumbled upon this strategy accidentally as I was trying to build a better relationship with my boss and also later on as my business. I thought to myself – what would be something that’s personal to my boss and my clients, that they devoted a lot of time to for which they can be proud of? And it was also around the time of my birthday – I got some “Happy Birthday” cards from my dentist, my car dealer, my family doctor, a local grocery shop, and so forth. And I realized that many of my clients are parents…they’ve spent a lot of time and effort on being a great parent – and they should be recognized for it! So instead of sending out Happy Birthday cards, I decided to simply wish them Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Father’s Day instead.

And I realized that they were more likely to become my clients or continue to use my services; I also grew my relationship closer to my boss and my mentors

So instead of competing with the whole world, like how you if you pretend you’re an apple at the grocery store, where you’re packed along with the other apples, is it easier for you to get seen by somebody…or is it easier to be an apple amongst a bunch of oranges. And that’s what you’ll be – you’ll be able to compete for their attention since you’ll likely be the only non-family person to wish them that (unless you’re in the maternity or mothers’ focused industries).

And when they think of being a mother/father and associate it with you, they’ll think that you’re super caring about them since you remembered the personal details. And you’ll also be the one that they’re going to start associating on a more personal level since that’s something that’s personal to them.

What I want you to do is to think of all your existing clients and potential prospects, where you know they have kids.

So for example, if I had a client or prospect that I wanted to grow my relationship with, I’ll often times email them close to Mother’s Day with the subject line, “Happy Mother’s Day/ Happy Father’s Day”. Then, in the email message, I’ll simply wish them Happy Mother’s Day and then ask how they’ll spend their Mother’s Day/Father’s Day celebrating. And at the end, when I sign off, I’ll usually include a P.S. that let them know to ask me any questions they have on using YouTube and LinkedIn to grow their business.

This will allow you to build your relationship with them in a way that’s non-salesy.

Make sure you don’t have a super long message in the main message part about how your services are great and what services you offer – remember this email message is all about them, with only a little bit at the end about you…it’s their day! People want to know that you care first about them before they care about doing business with you.

Similarly, with your boss or people in your life that you want to grow a relationship with, if you know they’re a mother or a father, simply wish them Happy Mother’s day and how they plan to celebrate it.

This’ll show them that you care.

This will also allow you to increase your status in their minds in terms of a business they want to deal with since you showed them that you cared. And this’ll make it easy to get good value on your efforts…

You can also send them a card if you like, instead of the birthday card, send them a Happy Mother’s Day or Happy Father’s Day Card.

So also start tracking which of your clients/prospects/business partners or people you want to grow your relationship with is a mom or a dad – keep a list and then simply a few days before Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, send them an email or a card using what I discussed.

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